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NIOP's Albert F. Mogerley Scholarship

At its 85th Annual Convention (2019), the NIOP named its scholarship program in honor of Albert F. Mogerley.

Mr. Mogerley was a mentor to many in the Oilseed Industry. He gave selflessly to the industry through years of personal and professional dedication and leadership. Mr. Mogerley was a postive and encouraging force in the industry. Following his death, several members of the board quickly determined that it would “fitting” to name the scholarship fund in Mr. Mogerley’s honor. It is the organization’s goal that Mr. Mogerley’s example and legacy live on.


The Albert F. Mogerley Scholarship is offered as a membership benefit to all members who have children pursuing a higher education, regardless of his/her field of study.
Two of Mr. Mogerley’s daughters, Laurie Rogers (left) and Cheryl Moore (right), were in attendance at the 2019 Convention to accept a plaque and recognition of the naming of the scholarship fund for their father.  Here, Laurie and Cheryl are pictured with Anna Bunger, a 2021 scholarship recipient.

Scholarship Application Information

Areas of Consideration

• Complete Submission 
• GPA 
• Field of Study 
• Essay 
• Other-work, college courses etc. 
* Rubric Score *

Scholarship Application Scoring Rubric

25 total points available
Application Presentation:  complete and well presented application
Up to 5 Pts.
Personal Statements:  thoughtful, focused insightful of applicant’s character, strengths and educational goals
Up to 5 Pts.
Extra Curriculum and Work Experience:  Work experience, family responsibilities and extracurricular activities/leadership/examples/service projects/involvement.
Up to 5 Pts.
Grades and Curriculum
Up to 10 Pts.

How to Apply

To apply for a 2024 academic year scholarship, please submit a completed application and all supporting materials as one PDF file via email at . If email is not an option, please submit by mailing to NIOP Headquarters at PO Box 11035, Columbia, SC 29211. The mailed application must be submitted with no staples, page protectors, tabs, binders, brochures, books, notebooks, etc. Each page of the application should be an 8 ½ X 11 piece of paper (one-sided). Please keep a copy of the complete application for your records.

Each application packet must include the following:
* Completed application form
* Copy of the applicant’s high school or college transcript
* 500-word essay (typed, double spaced)
* Documentation indicating acceptance into a college, university, or trade school program where the student will be enrolling/is already enrolled.

If you have questions or concerns about the application process,
please contact

Congratulations, 2023 Recipients!

Olivia Anderson
Tyler Basile
Jonathan Locklin
Olivia Anderson
Daughter of Lori Anderson, from NIOP member company, CHS Inc.
Olivia is attending Perdue West Lafayette.
Tyler Basile
Son of Joseph Basile, from NIOP member company, Catania Oils.
Tyler is attending Fairfield University.
Brooklynn Nees
Daughter of Paul Nees, from NIOP member company, Chevron Renewable Energy Group.
Brooklynn is attending the University of Iowa.
Jonathan Locklin
Son of Lawrence Locklin, from NIOP member company, CSX Transportation.
Jonathan is attending Purdue University.

2022 Albert F. Mogerley Scholarship Recipients

- Olivia Anderson, student at Purdue

- Eric Peterson, student at the University of Florida

- Ben Knobloch, student at the Louisiana State University

- Kelley White, student at the Texas Christian University

2021 Albert F. Mogerley Scholarship Recipients

- Anna Bunger, student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

- Abigail Gilbert, student at Union University in Jackson.

- Kimberly Oliver, student at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville.

- Ashton Rath, student at the University of Georgia.

2020 Albert F. Mogerley Scholarship Recipients

- Abby Myers, student at University of North Dakota.

- Carson Pearl student at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

2019 Albert F. Mogerley Scholarship Recipients

- Grace Tillman, student at Mississippi State University

- Kimberly Oliver student at Arkansas State.

2018 Scholarship Recipients

- Will Tiffany student at Lincoln College

- Reilly Seagren student at Baylor University

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