Retired Members Club

The NIOP is deeply committed to acknowledging and commemorating the invaluable contributions made by its retired members, recognizing their influence on both the NIOP and the oilseed industry. 

In an effort to honor their lasting impact, the Retired Members Club aims to extend appreciation an respect to these individuals.

Additionally, the individuals in the Retired Members Club will play a pivotal role as resources of historical organizational knowledge, offering a wealth of wisdom from their years of experience.  They will serve as an invaluable resource, providing insight and historical context when requested from the NIOP leadership.

At the 2022 Annual Convention, 5 NIOP members were recognized and celebrated for their retirement from the industry: Bill Fraser (Pasternak Baum & Company), Mitch Kilanowski (Darling Ingredients), Pete Miller (Grain Processing Corporation), Richard Sages (Odin Marine), and Duke Siebold (General Mills).

Should you know of a former NIOP member who has transitioned into retirement yet maintains an interest in remaining connected with the industry, please notify NIOP staff.  

Benefits of the the Retired Members Club include access to The Pour Over (NIOP’s monthly e-newsletter) and special registration rates for the Annual Convention.  (Please call NIOP staff to take advantage of those rates.)

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