Something New to NIOP 
at the 2023 Convention:  Pickleball

NIOP is adding something new to the convention in 2023:  Pickleball!

Since this is a first time event, we are starting with two courts on Sunday from 9 am until noon.  Depending on participation, we will structure the activity to include the most people possible.  Whether you are a pickleball pro or have always wanted to try it, we will have a Pro from the Westin involved to either provide instruction or help coordinate play.

We are asking for a small registration fee to try and ensure that those who sign up show up.  $20 per player.

We will provide refreshments, snacks and maybe even a few adult beverages to encourage socializing between play.

Use this link ( to pay the $20 per person who is registering.  Please make sure and notify us of the person’s name who will be playing and their experience level (never played before, only played once or twice, is rated (1 – 5)).