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NIOP Approved Prior Cargo Lists Have Been Updated

Late last year, President Glenn Ginalick resurrected the NIOP Technical Committee after a nine year hiatus.  With a combination of previous committee members and new, eager volunteers, the committee was initiated in response to a member’s request for updates to the Approved Prior Cargo Lists.

Meeting monthly under the leadership of Changjian Ji, NIOP board member from Cargill, the committee undertook an extensive review of the Approved Prior Cargo Lists.  In order for our members to easily manage last cargo history requirements across various regions globally, the committee engaged FOSFA in an attempt to coordinate efforts and harmonize the two organizations’ lists as much as possible.  Their work has resulted in updated lists, with four new products subsequently added as follows.

  • Ethyl tertiary butyl ether (ETBE)
  • Ammonium Sulphate Solution (food grade)
  • Urea (carbamide; urea solution)
  • Lecithin

The updated, Approved Prior Cargo Lists are now included in the NIOP Trading Rulebook, which is located in the Documents folder in the Member Center on our website.  For ease of reference, there is now also a separate, stand-alone list of Approved Prior Cargoes available to NIOP members.

A special thanks to the effort of the NIOP Technical Committee members in sharing their time and expertise. The committee members include: Taylor Halstead with Cargill, Jane Hayden with ADM, Changjian Ji with Cargill, Scott Peterson with Odin Marine Group, LLC, Liam Rogers with Hudson Tank Terminals Corporation, Andre Thionville with Thionville Lab. and Survey Company LLC and Dennis Walker with Procter & Gamble Co.

These updates by the Technical Committee have enlightened us to the fact that there may be the need for additional updates to the Rulebook. If you have any suggestions, or better yet, are interested in helping, please let our Executive Director know.