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More than 50 Years of Membership & 20 Years of Leadership . . . Claude Jones Retires from NIOP Service

NIOP’s May 20th Board of Directors meeting marked the end of board service for a very dedicated individual – Claude Jones.


NIOP President Glenn Ginalick shared the following comments from an email exchange with Jones as he acknowledged that the May board meeting would be his last.


The old saying that all good things come to end is appropriate


My first NIOP meeting was in the early 1970’s when Walter Johann from Procter and Gamble took this newbie in tow and introduced me to NIOP members, one on one with a story to tell about each.  I met Al (Mogerley) for the first time on that trip. 


I have spent many rewarding years on the NIOP Board. 


We have gone through a lot of change in the last 20 years, with NIOP at one point being at risk of financial difficulty, leading to drastic changes in the relationship with Kellen, to what is now a good relationship with Associations Plus and a solid financial footing.  I like to think I had some influence on that outcome and am proud of our organization.


I believe there are those much more engaged in the industry than I and think it proper to relinquish my spot on committees and the board to allow space for some of the newer members.


As I leave the NIOP, I want to thank everyone for their perseverance and support over the years.


President Ginalick reminded the board that as Jones retired from board service, he also was retiring from several committees including the chairmanship of a couple.  His leadership includes serving as the organization’s president 2012 – 2014.


The board was reminded that among other things, Jones stepped in and took the idea and initial work of Richard Sages on the Scholarship Program and helped build it into the Albert F. Mogerley Scholarship Program that we have today.  Jones also contributed to the Convention Committee over the years  providing sage advice and was a strong support for the development of the OIT/Education program.  These programs and membership support efforts are among the hallmarks that provide the value of the NIOP.


President Ginalick spoke of how Jones supported him personally when he stepped up to help guide the organization when COVID threw it a curve ball.  He led a group of volunteers who worked to help the NIOP remain relevant and important to members in unprecedented times.


“It still amazes me that Claude attended his first NIOP meeting in the early 70’s — almost 50 years ago.  And that he has been in the leadership since 2002 — almost 20 years.  His loyalty and dedication will be hard to match,” according to Ginalick.


The president concluded his remarks with “You have been my counsel and friend since I began on the board, and I know other NIOP leaders have benefited from your assistance and support.  Your presence on the board and committees will be sorely missed.  Thank you sincerely.”


We hope you will join with the NIOP Board of Directors in wishing Claude all the best!