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Member Benefit Program Created Due to COVID-19


We sincerely hope that all our members, their families, and colleagues are safe and healthy as you receive this message.  The start of 2020 has been anything but planned as we look to get back on track with businesses and commerce resuming activities.  The COVID-19 shutdown has impacted us all in countless, and likely, different ways as we cope with numerous changes with work, family, friends, and industry.  As we continue to define the new normal, we at NIOP want to continue to be a resource that our members can turn to for help in navigating these uncharted waters. While unfortunate, we could not meet earlier this year as planned, the value NIOP affords through networking, meetings, and technical guidance should not be lost but instead utilized as we work to move forward.

Returning to work, we are all facing various and unique challenges which may cover feedstocks, production, transportation, or challenging sales and new markets.  The NIOP community has a wide membership covering many of these areas: Producers & Processors, Commercial, Transportation, Technical, and Industrial where expertise exists for the community.  One of the more significant values of the annual conference is the ability to meet and network, discussing some of the aforementioned items.  

While it may be some time before we can resume meeting in person, NIOP wants to continue to support our community through a digital format, helping when/where/if needed.  NIOP needs your help in building a resource of members who are willing to share with other members based on personal and professional experience and knowledge.  We will call these members — subject matter volunteers.   

Let Leigh Wickersham, NIOP Executive Director, know where you would be willing to try and help other members who may be unfamiliar, members new to the industry or for members who are simply stumped on how to move forward on a particular topic or matter.  (This information will be captured through Google Sheets/Google Drive.)  Once the list begins to take shape, a similar email will be sent to all NIOP members making them aware of the resource and the mechanism by which they should submit a request for help.

We realize this is far from the benefit of being together, shaking hands, and seeing the smiles of members but, in the meantime, we do want to let the membership know we are here to help as we all begin to move forward in this new normal.  Take care and we look forward to hearing from you.