NIOP Membership Benefits
By joining the National Institute of Oilseed Products, your organization will:

  • Become part of a cohesive voice addressing the challenges facing the oilseed industry here and abroad.
  • Obtain free, online access to NIOP Trading Rules.
  • Obtain significant discounts on registration fees for the NIOP Annual Convention, one of the oilseed industry’s premier networking and education events.
  • Receive additional timely updates throughout the year on issues affecting the oilseed industry.

Most importantly, you’ll gain the opportunity to network with your professional peers!

How to Apply for Membership
NIOP membership is open to any association, firm, corporation or individual commercially engaged in activities pertaining to fats, oils and related substances/services who agrees to support the mission and purposes of the Institute.

Membership dues are $1350 (US) per company, per calendar year. In addition, membership requires sponsorship by two NIOP member organizations. Please email sponsorship letters to:

Sample sponsorship text is located directly below:

(Company Letterhead)


Dear NIOP Board of Directors:

I, __________ (NIOP Member Sponsor Name), of _________________ (NIOP Member Sponsoring Organization Name), would like to sponsor the membership of _____________________ (New Member Organization Name) to the National Institute of Oilseed Products (NIOP). _____________ (New Member Organization Name) would be a great addition to NIOP’s membership as they ____________________ (reason(s) for endorsement).

Should there be any questions, I can be reached at _____________________ (NIOP Member Sponsoring Organization Contact Information).


(NIOP Member Sponsor Name)
(NIOP Member Sponsoring Organization Name)