NIOP Committees

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee consists of the current officers and various directors serving on the NIOP Board of Directors.

President: Craig Mullen – Bridgewell Food & Agriculture
First Vice President: Glenn Ginalick – Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)
Second Vice President:Sandra Hulm – ConAgra Brands
Treasurer: Andrew Seagren – Ventura Foods
Director: Bill Fraser – Pasternak, Baum & Company, Inc.
Director: Claude Jones – Francis-Mustoe & Company
Director: Liam Rogers – Hudson Tank Terminals Corporation


Convention Committee
The Convention Committee is responsible for organizing the NIOP Annual Convention event program, selecting speakers and ensuring that the highest level of content is displayed each year.

Chair: Bill Fraser – Pasternak, Baum & Company, Inc.

Mark Chmielewski -RJ O’Brien

Donna Floyd – Golden Agri-Resources USA, Inc.

Glenn Ginalick – ADM

John Healy – Columbus Vegetable Oils

Claude Jones – Francis-Mustoe & Company

Mitch Kilanowski – Darling Ingredients

Craig Mullen – Bridgewell Food & Agriculture

David Nadasi – American Commodities Brokerage Company

Liam Rogers – Hudson Tank Terminals Corporation

Brian Shultz – MPB Commodities Brokerage Inc.

Nate Smithson – Moving Parts, LLC



Education Committee
The Education Committee is responsible for planning NIOP’s annual course offering, Introduction to the Oilseed Industry Training, including selecting speakers, identifying important topics of discussion and ensuring a valuable experience for attendees.

Chair:  Will Swanson – Cargill, Inc.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is responsible for member recruitment and retention, which includes recruiting new member organizations to join NIOP, as well as receiving feedback from current members regarding the overall membership value of NIOP.

Chair: David Nadasi – American Commodities Brokerage Company

Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee is responsible for developing and launching NIOP’s new scholarship program.

Chair: Claude Jones – Francis-Mustoe & Company

Glenn Ginalick – ADM

Craig Mullen – Bridgewell Food & Agriculture

Laurie Rogers

Cheryl Moore