Call for Committee Members NIOP is restarting the TECHNICAL COMMITTEE

President Ginalick is working to appoint a Technical Committee of at least  six (6) but no more than twelve (12) members.  This committee will advise the Board of Directors on technical issues and technical amendments to the Trading Rules.

The committee may recommend changes that become necessary due to changes in standards or criteria promulgated by other organizations and referenced in the Trading Rules.

In the past, the Technical Committee tackled issues like previous cargo regulations and ocean transport classification.  We expect more on these topics as well as issues that involve the FSMA, FDA Claims, general labeling claim, etc.  Committee members should represent many areas and be technical (white coat/engineering type).

While we do not currently anticipate a significant amount time required, we do have a current request that needs review and input.

If you are willing to meet with other NIOP members to work on issues that affect our industry and are technical in nature, please let NIOP Staff know.