Attendees for the New NIOP Networking Event March 15 -17

As of Friday, March 6th, the following is the list of attendees who are still planning on attending the new NIOP Networking Event.


Welcome our newest additions:  Sam Jennett and Mark Schuett.  


Please let the NIOP staff know of any changes or corrections.

ACT Commodities Upamanyu Lahiri
Agri Trading John Gordon
Agri Trading Patty Gordon
AmSpec Agriculture Division, USA Shelley Spencer
AmSpec Agriculture Division, USA Kelli Swanner
BNSF Railway Brandon Mortensen
Bridgewell Agribusiness, LLC Craig Mullen
BW Terminals Casey Hunnicut
CHS Inc. Todd Biedenfeld
Coast Packing Company Eric Gustafson
Darling Ingredients, Inc. Walter Floyd
Darling Ingredients, Inc. Mitch Kilanowski
Darling Ingredients, Inc. Joan Kilanowski
Flat Earth Risk Management, LLC Lori Koch
Flat Earth Risk Management, LLC John Lynch
Francis-Mustoe & Company Vince Schwartz
Francis-Mustoe & Company Jeanna Schwartz
Futures International LLC Thomas Papastefan
Futures International LLC Valerie Papastefan
Grain Processing Corporation Peter Miller
Grain Processing Corporation Julie Miller
HERO BX John Nies
HERO BX Chris Peterson
HERO BX Joe Falk
Hillebrand Gabrielle Cole
Hillebrand Sten Svendsen
Hudson Tank Terminals Corporation Craig Moore
Hudson Tank Terminals Corporation Cheryl Moore
Hudson Tank Terminals Corporation Liam Rogers
Hudson Tank Terminals Corporation Laurie Rogers
Institute of Shortening & Edible Oils Robert Collette
INTL FCStone Nate Burk
INTL FCStone Billy Burns
INTL FCStone Taylor Schrage
INTL FCStone Katie Springer
Malaysian Palm Oil Board Fairus Hidzir
Malaysian Palm Oil Council Zainuddin Hassan
NIOP Nancy Daniels
NIOP Leigh Wickersham
NIOP Scott Wickersham
OIL WORLD Petra Husmann
OIL WORLD Thomas Mielke
Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz PC John Dillard
Pasternak, Baum & Co., Inc. William Fraser
Pasternak, Baum & Co., Inc. Diane Fraser
Pasternak, Baum & Co., Inc. Adam Thompson
Perdue Agribusiness Caren Montante
Peter Cremer North America Mack Findley
Peter Cremer North America Nancy Findley
Peter Cremer North America Hart Moore
Peter Cremer North America Shauna Moore
Procter & Gamble Co. Keith Bryan
Procter & Gamble Co. Lubica Bryan
Richardson Oilseed Limited Michelle Ferguson
Richardson Oilseed Limited Dan Kelsch
Ring Container Technologies Tom Kerstetter
Ring Container Technologies Lisa Kerstetter
Riverina Natural Oils Woody Galloway
Riverina Natural Oils Joy Galloway
South Chicago Packing Michael Botelho
Stolt Tankers USA, Inc. Richard Bertrand
Stolt Tankers USA, Inc. Greg Dooley
Stolt Tankers USA, Inc. James Monigan
Stolt Tankers USA, Inc. Eric Snow
Stolthaven New Orleans Henrik Olsson
Stolthaven New Orleans Louise Olsson Blomberg
Thionville Laboratories, Inc. Michelle Minno
Thionville Laboratories, Inc. Andre Thionville
Thionville Laboratories, Inc. Angele Thionville
United Soybean Board Andreas Altemueller
United Soybean Board Jay Myers
United Soybean Board Michael Greenwood
Wedbush Futures Niko Bock
Western Iowa Energy, LLC Brad Wilson
Wyoming Renewable Diesel Company Jay Mick
Zeeland Food Services Inc. Robert Meeuwsen
Zeeland Food Services Inc. Beth Westemeyer
Zeeland Food Services, Inc. Brian Duffy