American Commodities is growing; adds Kevin Brassington to the team

 September 20, 2022 

Amcom announces that Kevin Brassington is joining the Amcom team. 

Kevin has had a 25 year career with ADM and Cofco-Agri running large crush and refinery assets across the world, in North America, South America, Europe and China. 

In the challenging environment of explosive growth in supply and demand of food production and fuel consumption, the need for a seasoned professional has never been greater.  Kevin will complement the existing team at Amcom from our FLAT EARTH RISK MANAGEMENT team, our newest trade desk -AMCOM ENERGY (ethanol and biofuels brokerage) to the stalwarts of American Commodities where our food and fats divisions have earned the trust and respect of the trade around the world. Kevin’s past five years has been heavily involved in start up projects, seeking financing and market pathways for the new supply frontier in North America, and he will continue to work on projects like those and to help service Amcom’s growing portfolio of fats and oils sellers and buyers around the world. According to David Nadasi, “I would ask that you please welcome him to our team; we are very excited to have him and feel fortunate to be able to attract his talents to our Amcom family.”

Kevin will be with us on the desk in New York starting on September 26; he can be reached at: and our office number: 212-832-6000. 

 About Amcom: 

Amcom, founded in 1980, is an independent brokerage firm who is dedicated and invested in the traditional food markets and has been expanding its role in all renewable biofuels markets. We are at the forefront of finding climate friendly solutions, sourcing, and supplying sustainable feedstocks for our diverse client base. Our company portfolio of Amcom, AmcomNY, and Amcom Energy (ethanol and biofuels desk) has the integrated world covered now more than ever. As the markets continue to grow, we will expand in kind to be able to service our client base with all the necessary support from logistics to information and consulting about world events that shape the peripheral markets that affect your food and feedstock supply chain. 

Coming soon!!: Amcom Europe in the 4th quarter of 2022. 

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