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After Years of Service, Fraser steps aside to Make Room for “New Blood”

By August 20, 2020August 24th, 2020Membership

Bill Fraser, from Pasternak, Baum and Company, stepped “off the board” and out of the chairmanship of the Convention Committee as of 2020.  Fraser was recently recognized by the NIOP board with a token of appreciation for his years of service.  The presentation of his gift was made during a recent,virtual NIOP Board Meeting.

After several decades of volunteer service to the NIOP board and the Convention Committee, Fraser said “it was time. Time to step aside and make room for some ‘new blood.'”

Executive Director Leigh Wickersham asked “why” and Fraser responded that he wanted to “lead by example” and that would be to step aside and make room for someone new.  He promises his continued support and involvement but just from a different position.

The gift (NIOP embroidered suitcase) seemed a little ironic considering no one is really traveling very much these days due to the pandemic.  Fraser optimistically said he looked forward to using his gift to attend the 2021 convention in Tucson.

An award of very large (red) shoes was also created in honor of Fraser’s years of service as Convention Committee Chairman.  This award was presented to the new Convention Committee Chairman Liam Rogers as a reminder that he has “large shoes to fill.”