Abby Myers Receives Albert F. Mogerley Scholarship from NIOP

Congratulations to Abby Myers, one of two, Albert F. Mogerley Scholarship recipients in 2020. Abby is an undergraduate at the University of North Dakota. Abby’s father and mother are soybean  farmers (among other things).  Abby’s father, Jay serves on the United Soybean Board.  

Here’s what Abby had to say about receiving NIOP’s scholarship: “Being selected as a recipient of the NIOP Albert F. Mogerley Scholarship has meant the world to me.  When I found out I was a recipient of this scholarship, I immediately thought “Why me?”  Because of institutes like NIOP, student’s dreams are made a reality. NIOP sees potential in the future of students like me, and more importantly, sees potential in our future in agriculture. My passion for this industry continuously grows and I am grateful that I have developed an undeniable appreciation for the agricultural industry. Receiving this scholarship means so much more than I can put into words.  A simple “thank you” does not express the amount of gratitude I have. Not only does the financial assistance mean a lot to me, but the generosity and kindness behind the scholarship fund will never go unnoticed.  This scholarship has inspired me to always strive to be successful, caring, selfless, determined and generous now and in my future. To NIOP, thank you so much.  I appreciate your promotion of academic excellence and I hope this scholarship leads me one step closer to my career goals.”