86th Annual Convention — March 15 – 17, 2020


86th Annual Convention | March 15 – 17, 2020 | Scottsdale, AZ

The NIOP 86thAnnual Convention and 2020 program has been redesigned to present close to 30 hours of structured engagement (formal and informal) including two keynote presentations, a panel of peers and professionals, two round-table sessions, and numerous, diverse networking opportunities designed for attendees to deepen their understanding of industry trends, topics and formulate stronger working relationships with colleagues and customers.


This year’s agenda offers multiple and generous daily breaks, receptions, one-on-one meeting areas, and specific events designed for you to meet with industry professionals, customers, and a chance to reconnect with long-term colleagues.


New Format for the 2020 NIOP Annual Convention

In an effort to provide more of what the members have requested; the annual convention will include more intentionally planned one-on-one and small meeting spaces and dedicated blocks of time within the convention schedule.

This year, a strategically planned meeting space will be set up for NIOP members and convention attendees to utilize as a centralized meeting location.   This area will be called the Conversation Café. The café will be set up to entice you to “meet up” with friends, clients and colleagues there.  NIOP with the help of its sponsors will provide food and beverages throughout the day in the café.  The plan is to provide you with more opportunities and enticements to stay “on campus.”


The schedule has been right sized to provide structured educational exchange with keynotes speakers, a panel discussion and two breakout sessions lead by NIOP members and a maximum amount of one-on-one and small meeting opportunities.

Also new this year, meals are being set up to encourage you to “host your one-on-one, side bar meetings and business meetings” on NIOP’s food and beverage tab.  There’s no need to pay extra and hold your meetings in the hotel’s restaurants.   NIOP breakfast(s) and lunch(s) will be hosted in a spread-out area with  smaller and more intimate settings with improved and expanded menus.

You will be able to reserve your table ahead of time.  Plan now to use the “meet up meals” to do business and use your registration dollars to pay for it.


During few but important days, you’ll have opportunities to make face-to-face connections with colleagues and customers from around the world in a business-focused but relaxed environment.