87th Annual NIOP Convention | March 14 – 16, 2021 | Tucson, AZ

2021 NIOP Convention

Saturday, March 13th
5 pm    Early Arrival Reception 


Sunday, March 14th
10 am   Emmett Cornibe Memorial Golf Tournament
10 am   Registration Opens
10 am   Conversation Cafe Opens for NIOP Attendees
Plan one-on-one meetings now.  Host them in the Conversation Cafe.  NIOP will provide the refreshments. Look for list of activities to come.

6 – 7 pm Welcome Reception


Monday, March 15th
7:30 – 9 am   Breakfast/Meet-Up-Meal
                     See new format. Reserve your table early or just show up and take advantage of free breakfast.  

                     Buffet menu to be announced in advance.  Omelets and pancakes included.

9 – 9:45 am   Annual Business Meeting — all attendees invited. 

9:55 – 10:30 am  Opening Keynote:  Thomas Mielke — rescheduled from 2020 

10:30 – 11 am  Networking Break

11 — Noon  Panel

Noon – 1 pm  Meet-Up-Meal 

Don’t pay for lunch in the hotel restaurant or off-site.  Lunch buffet and stations will be set up in the Conversation Cafe for you to choose from.  Then grab at table (or reserve one with NIOP staff ahead of time) and host a lunch meeting or just have a meal with colleagues.  

Noon – 4 pm  Conversation Cafe open for your continued business meetings and networking opportunities.  Look for list of activities to come (for example, there will be a beer break each day).  NIOP will provide the refreshments throughout the day.

4 – 6 pm       All Member/All Attendee Reception


Tuesday, March 16th
7:30 – 9 am   Breakfast/Meet-Up-Meal

9 – 9:50 am   Closing Keynote Speaker: Jim Wiesemeyer, ProFarmer

Trade Wars . . . exports:  everyone is in jeopardy.  From trading with China, to tariffs, to how our Canadian members are dealing with the every changing US market, Jim Wiesemeyer with ProFarmer will offer his professional insights and expert analysis.


YOU CHOOSE ONE of the following sessions at 10 am

10 – 10:40 am   Transportation Conversation:
10 – 10:40 am   Lessons Learned During/From COVID-19 


10:55 – 12:30 pm   Board of Directors Meeting  — all members welcome 

Noon – 1 pm  Meet-Up-Meal (See new format.)

Noon – 4 pm  Conversation Cafe open for your  continued business meetings and networking opportunities

6:00 – 9 pm    Dinner and Closing Concert